First of all we make rows by using Double silicon based microbeads and then we stitch the weft through it.The number of rows depends upon each person and thickness of their Hair.For full head we use hundred grams of hair.

When compared to the other extensions methods these do not damage the hair at all.Always remember that the less hair being used in extensions the less damage will be done to the hair.As compared to the conrows,there will be no big bump and will be easy to sleep on.They will give more body and a fuller look to your hair

These Extensions won't fall off but they can become a bit loose.This no problem as you can visit our shop and we will restitch them for you for FREE.No like other salons where you have to pay every time for after services.If there are any problems we are more than happy to look after each and every client.

It takes 2 hours to get these Extensions done.

They can last up to 3 months but again it all depends upon the growth of your hair. We always tell our customers to never leave the extensions in for too long as this may damage their own hair.If the extensions start growing out they will need to be redone.

We charge $100 for full head of extensions restitching.

I personally think these are the best extensions(better than tape extensions) for your hair.The extensions will be done in a way that other people will not notice you are wearing them.

You don't have to worry as we can mix up to 3 -4 different colors to blend it with natural hair color.

At UNION Hair & Brows we believe in 100% customer service. We will and will give you the best possible solutions.

Brazilian Virgin Hair is one of the best hair option for permanent hair extensions, as it is natural and not chemically processed. This especially holds true, if a person has thick hair, as it would match the texture of the hair for a more natural look.

ARI2 hair extensions has got more than 15years of experience in transforming short hair to long.

ARI2 hair extensions supplies best quality of Remi and Virgin hair, at an affordable price.

European hair is one of the best hair option, especially for people with fine hair texture.

There are different method of hair replacement method. It all depends upon the requirements of the customers suiting their needs and wants.

At ARI2, we charge $450 for a full head of invisible Remi hair weft,100 grams of hair.

How to take care of Extensions

It’s important to care well for your extensions so they last for as long as possible and continue to look soft, shiny & healthy.
Here are some tips to keep your hair extensions looking great.


When brushing the hair extensions, use a soft bristle or ionic brush.Brush gently in a downward motion beginning at the the ends of the hair, then work your way up finishing at the roots.After brushing, spray the hair extensions with a aargan or morocon oil for smooth finish.


Always brush the extensions gently before washing to detangle.

Use a shampoo & conditioner that is formulated for dry or damaged hair – this will add moisture to the extensions and will keep them looking better for longer.

Shampoo & conditioner should be applied to the hair in a downward motion from the top of the extensions to the ends. Do not twist, rub or scrub the hair.

Gently lather shampoo until hair is clean then rinse thoroughly under warm water. Apply conditioner, leave for a minimum of 5 minutes and then rinse.

Squeeze out excess water and gently pat with a towel. Blow-dry the hair on a low setting. For best results, use an ionic hairdryer.Read more about washing and caring for your hair extensions.


Plait your hair extensions before going to bed.
Never go to sleep with wet extensions! Make sure your hair extensions are completely dry before going to bed.


PERMANENT hair extensions:
Once installed we are unable to offer a product guarantee.( but we do offer after services for free)As we have no control to where or what they are exposed to when the customer leaves your premises. You acknowledge that there are always risks that PERMANENT hair extensions method could damage your hair at YOUR RISK